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January 6, 2020 at 5:00 AM
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The only thing we can count on in life is change, and the bodywork industry is no different. With those changes come challenges to face, to overcome and to master. Trends come and go but our biggest challenge is sifting through the “latest and greatest” offerings and choosing what will get our clients maximum results.

We’re committed to staying on top of industry trends backed by solid science, so our clients can benefit from the innovation our industry is known for. 

Fighting Misinformation

With social media able to spread a trend like wildfire, it’s more important than ever to be able to explain to our clients how we choose our therapies and why we believe they are the best available. We can highlight the benefits our clients will receive from our industry-leading services like:

  • Sunlighten Full Spectrum Sauna
  • Ballancer Pro lymphatic drainage treatment
  • Venus Legacy body shaping
  • Endermologie by LPG

Our thoroughly vetted services are more than a YouTube video of the month. Our services promote wellness, increased performance and body shaping that will give you lasting results and a higher quality of life.

Sifting Through “Innovation”

Invention is critical, both in our industry and in society as a whole. In fact, with beauty and perfection so important to modern society, our industry may be one of the most inventive industries around. However, many of the new and ultra-hyped products and services that hit the market each year are unfortunately sub-par. This is why, at Atlas Bodyworks, we take our role in choosing the services that will best meet the needs of our clients very seriously.

We’ve lived through the influx of services that were supposed to revolutionize people’s lives, such as the smothering sauna suit, the Shake Weight and even Exercise in a Bottle—we’re not kidding. We want to move away from these fads in search of something more meaningful, and so we pride ourselves on pursuing scientific research, delving into trial data, and experiencing each of our treatments for ourselves before we make them available to our valued clients. 

Bringing Results and Value to Clients

It's no good holding the key to better health, well-being and a firmer body if only the elite can afford access. We want to make an impact in everyone’s lives, so we created Club Atlas, where members pay a low monthly fee and get more than double their money’s worth in services. 

Club Atlas is just one way in which we maintain our high-end suite of services while making them accessible to everyone. As part of Club Atlas, clients receive a 3-D body scan every month so they can keep an eye on their body’s overall performance and work with us to maximize their efforts. Members also get to choose which included treatment suits them best on any given month:

  • 1 40 minute Ballancer Pro treatment
  • 1 LPG Endermologie facial
  • 2 infrared sauna sessions
  • 2 Infinity Sun spray tans

As well as discounts on all additional treatments

Setting Realistic Expectations

There is no quick fix for gaining the body and performance of your dreams. We will help you set realistic and healthy goals while motivating you over the finish line. All our services are designed to provide real results, increase real performance and help real people become extraordinary. 

See for Yourself

There’s no time like the present to invest in yourself and to find out why we’re among the industry leaders. We’re committed to providing services and innovations that will help our clients increase their overall health and wellness. We offer the diagnostic tools to understand your baseline while we talk through the best course of action for achieving your goals. 

Call us today or pop into our Fairfax, VA location. We can't wait to help you achieve your weight loss, body contouring, and overall wellness goals.

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