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March 4, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Atlas Bodyworks

At Atlas Bodyworks, we help people throughout northern Virginia lose weight and reduce stress. All our services involve the use of minimally invasive, advanced technologies that are proven to work. If you want to learn more about our services, you may want to read our frequently asked questions.

How can Atlas Bodyworks help me lose weight?

The Atlas Bodyworks team uses several forms of technology to assist clients in losing weight. They include:

  • LPG Endermologie: Using a handheld device, LPG Endermologie encourages fat cells to melt away.
  • Cryoskin 2.0: As an advanced technology that started out in Paris, Cryoskin 2.0 promotes weight loss and tightens your skin without the use of surgical techniques.
  • Sunlighten Full Spectrum Sauna: Great for relaxation, our Sunlighten Full Spectrum Sauna has enough room for six people and uses infrared technology to accelerate weight loss among those who are participating in a healthy eating and exercise plan.
  • M’LIS Contouring Wrap: When you’re seeking weight loss results that are practically instant, you can use our M’LIS Contouring Wrap to lose inches from your waist in a single session.
  • Formostar: As an infrared body wrap, our Formostar machine can boost your metabolism, which then makes weight loss easier. It is also effective for relaxation. 

What are your stress reduction services?

Many of our clients from throughout Fairfax, VA come to us for rapid stress relief. Some of the technologies we use to achieve this include:

  • POLY LED Light Therapy: POLY LED light therapy uses laser wavelengths to promote aesthetic and wellness benefits. In addition to providing relief from some chronic conditions, it can help our clients feel less stressed. It’s a suitable treatment for most people.
  • Formostar: Alongside helping our Fairfax clients lose weight, Formostar is ideal for reducing some of the aches and pains that may be leading to feelings of stress and anxiety.

Do you provide any diagnostic services?

Although we don’t provide any conventional medical diagnostic services at Atlas Bodyworks, we do help our clients meet their fitness goals with our Styku Phoenix. Styku Phoenix is similar to a DEXA scanner. You can use it to discover your fat mass, visceral fat mass, bone mass, and more. It’s non-invasive and can help you shape your future health and wellness goals.

Do you provide any aesthetic treatments?

The Atlas Bodyworks team does provide a small number of aesthetic treatments. These include our spray tan, which you can use to darken your color with natural-looking results. Our POLY-LED light therapy is also useful for minimizing the appearance of scars and achieving an even skin tone.

Are your treatments safe for everyone?

Yes! The vast majority of people who come to Atlas Bodyworks from throughout the northern VA and DC area are eligible to use our treatments. However, we will screen you for certain conditions before providing access to our facilities. Your health and safety will always be one of our top priorities.

How can I make an appointment?

Our easy-to-use online booking system allows you to make an appointment instantly. This is an excellent tool if you need to book your appointment outside of our normal office hours.

What is Club Atlas?

Club Atlas is our monthly subscription service that allows you to access $180 of treatments for $89. It’s recommended that you join Club Atlas if you plan to use our therapies multiple times a month.

We hope we’ve answered most of your questions about Atlas Bodyworks and the treatments that are available. If you want to find out more about what we do, you can call us at 703-560-1122 or complete our contact form.

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