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LumiMax PL Laser Hair Removal

Painless permanent hair removal with superior results for all skin types and colors.

Remove unwanted hair once and for all in just 3-6 treatment sessions.

Introducing the new member of the Atlas family: the LumiMax PL, an extraordinary non-invasive diode laser that offers the latest technological advances in permanent hair removal. With its powerful diode system and revolutionary combination of 3 different wavelengths in one single applicator, the new LumiMax PL offers painless, effective treatments in any skin color or hair type and thickness.

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LumiMax PL Laser Hair Removal

How LumiMax PL Laser Hair Removal Works?

Three simultaneous wavelengths work to create an extraordinary result!

The LumiMax PL delivers light energy into the skin, which is then absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair follicles. As a result, the temperature rises and causes the destruction of the hair follicle while also preventing hair regrowth

The exclusive LumiMax PL applicator has been specifically designed to incorporate the three most effective wavelengths for hair removal. This allows it to combine the three different levels of absorption and penetration of each of these nanometers, targeting different tissue depths and treating the different structures within the hair follicle to offer a more complete and effective treatment in fewer sessions.

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What conditions does the LumiMax PL treat?

LumiMax PL offers highly effective laser permanent hair removal treatments for any part of the body, from the largest to the most difficult ones to reach.

Benefits Include:

  • COMPLETELY PAINLESS  for a comfortable treatment.

  • IDEAL FOR ANY BODY AREA even the hardest to reach.

  • EFFECTIVE ON ALL HAIR AND SKIN TYPES achieving consistently excellent results.

  • FASTER even on larger body areas.

  • SAFER in both light and dark skin tones.

  • DOES NOT REQUIRE RECOVERY TIME allowing you to immediately resume their regular activities

What does the treatment consist of?

The specialist will first meet with you to assess your skin and establish a treatment plan. He/she will also take photographs before and after the treatment series to prove efficacy. The procedure will begin by applying cold gel to the area, and then delivering light pulses into the skin. The light is absorbed by the melanin, the hair pigment, heating it up in a controlled manner without damaging the skin or causing discomfort. The heat generated destroys the hair follicle, permanently preventing its regrowth.

What areas of the body can be treated?

Our advanced technology utilizes 3 different wavelengths simultaneously in one procedure. LumiMax PL effectively removes unwanted hair from any part of the body, from the largest like legs, arms and back, to the smallest such as the bikini line, the underarms and the upper lip. The LumiMax PL also treats hard to reach areas such as the nostrils and ears.

How many treatment sessions do I need?

Depending on the area that is being treated, 3 to 6 sessions are generally required. The time between sessions also varies according to the treatment area. In areas such as the upper lip, where hair grows very quickly, a period of 4 to 6 weeks is needed between each session. In body areas such as the back, where hair growth is slower, treatment sessions are performed every 6 - 8 weeks.

Is any aftercare needed?

It is important to avoid sun exposure and sun beds during the 7 days following the treatment. We recommend using hypoallergenic makeup as well as a sunscreen lotion of minimum 30 SPF.

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