Non-Invasive Fat Removal: What You Can Expect 

July 5, 2019 at 4:00 AM

If you have an area of fat that you just can't seem to lose, you might want to try non-invasive fat loss. Without making any incisions, the practitioners performing the procedure can permanently remove this stubborn fat. You can use this type of fat removal on almost any area of your body. Popular areas include your flanks, belly, back, chin, thighs, knees, and neck. 

Understanding Non-Invasive Fat Removal 

When you opt-in for a non-invasive fat removal treatment, your practitioner will use either injections or a handheld device to help destroy your fat cells. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved a few handheld devices to destroy these fat cells. The practitioner will place this device just above or directly on your skin. The device will either send heat, sound, or cold waves straight into your stubborn fat cells. It works to destroy them without causing damage to your nerves, skin, or other body parts. 

If you get the injections, they contain an acid that is very similar to bile acid. These injections go to work and dissolve your fat cells, and the FDA approved them for use in treating chin fat. The results are permanent because it either dissolves or kills the cells it targets. 

How Long Does It Take Before You See Results?

Unlike other methods, your results will appear gradually over a few sessions. If you choose to use a device to target your fat cells, you can start to see slight changes within three weeks. For many people, they don't see the full effect until three to six months after they complete their last treatments. If you get an injection for chin fat, you'll see results in three to four months after the injection. 

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