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3 Reasons Non-Invasive Fat Loss is as Effective as Dieting

Updated: May 17, 2022

Your weight loss journey is unique to your body and your goals. People struggling to get the results they want with traditional methods may not be aware of all the resources available for weight loss. Most people think the only technological intervention for fat loss is surgery. Understandably, that’s a drastic step that inspires apprehensions in many people.

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3 Reasons Non-Invasive Fat Loss is as Effective as Dieting

However, there’s an alternative to diet and exercise frustration or the discomfort and expense from major surgery. Instead, you can take advantage of the non-invasive fat loss techniques offered by Atlas Bodyworks.

We use the industry’s latest technology to provide safe, effective fat loss treatment, all without the expense, discomfort, and downtime of surgery. Here are three reasons these non-invasive fat loss services are just as effective as dieting, exercise, or body-shaping surgery.

#1. Treatments target specific fat areas on your body.

Everybody stores fat differently. The difference between the genders is the most dramatic. Women store fat subcutaneously, where it’s visible, while men store visceral fat that surrounds their internal organs. But each individual also carries their weight on a unique part of their body. When you start a new diet and exercise routine, you can’t control where you’ll lose fat.

The non-invasive fat loss techniques provided by Atlas Bodyworks use handheld devices to target specific areas of your body. It allows you to reduce and eliminate stubborn fat in places that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. While the results are not as dramatic as liposuction, they’re more effective than trying to sculpt your body with diet alone.

#2. The results from non-invasive fat loss are permanent, unlike with dieting.

You may lose weight within the dieting cycle initially, but the fat returns as soon as the diet ends. To see any real benefit from exercise requires a complete lifestyle change, involving substantial time and money for a gym membership. Again, if life gets too hectic to maintain the demanding pace, then the fat returns. It’s hard to get lasting fat loss results that don’t cause a strain on your lifestyle.

Non-invasive fat loss permanently destroys the fat cells, so they’ll never return. You can transform your body without ongoing restrictive diets and demanding gym trips. Instead, you get targeted permanent fat loss on your schedule. #3. Get predictable fat loss from non-invasive techniques.

One of the most frustrating parts of diet and exercise is waiting to see results. You experience apprehensions, wondering if a diet is right for your metabolism or body. Or, you start a new exercise cycle and wonder if you’re effectively targeting the fat on your body by burning calories. There’s no uncertainty with non-invasive fat loss. While it usually requires multiple treatments, you’ll know when you can expect to see results and how long to achieve your desired physique. Some common non-invasive techniques require between one and ten treatments:

  • One to three treatments: ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to destroy fat cells.

  • Two treatments: a handheld cryolipolysis device destroys fat by freezing.

  • Four to ten treatments: a radiofrequency device eliminates the fat with heat.

You’ll know to expect results within a certain number of weeks, and many people feel as though their body changes after just one treatment.

To experience the benefits of non-invasive fat loss, book an appointment with Atlas Bodyworks.

You can reshape your body the way you want with non-invasive fat loss. Don’t waste more time in a cycle of dieting and weight gain, and feeling dissatisfied with the way you look. When you book an appointment with Atlas Bodyworks, we use the industry’s most advanced technology to reshape your body. Your external appearance can match the person you are inside.

Book an appointment for Endermologie by LPG or Venus Legacy and achieve the fat loss results you’ve always wanted, without the expense and discomfort of surgery. Achieve your best self at Atlas Bodyworks.

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