Summer Weight Loss Tips from Atlas Bodyworks

May 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Atlas Bodyworks

When summer is just around the corner and you’re yet to get in shape, you may feel the pressure start to mount. At this stage, choosing a fad diet that promises to help you melt away the pounds usually feels tempting. But before you pay for a potentially harmful plan, we have some better suggestions. At Atlas Bodyworks, we take a future-focused approach to weight loss using the latest technologies. From using our body scan technologies through to making wise dietary choices, you can get yourself ready for the summer season in no time.

Use a body scan for motivation

When you have a weight loss goal in mind, it’s helpful to create a benchmark that allows you to measure your progress. Although many people do this by stepping onto the scales, we believe there’s a better way forward.

With our Styku body scan machine, you can create a 3D model that pinpoints exact measurements across your body. Once you know more about your body composition, you can set firmer goals and generate the motivation needed to reach them. When you reach the end of your weight loss plan, you can use the body scan to measure your successes.

Find a weight loss buddy

Although this is one of the more popular weight loss tips out there, it’s very effective. Having someone who takes part in your journey with you means you have someone who’s holding you accountable. If you start to take one cheat day too many, your buddy will pull you away from the chips and candy.

Having a weight loss buddy also gives you the chance to have fun while you get into shape. You can choose classes you both enjoy, create playlists for one another, and take joy in each other’s successes. To make life even easier for you and your weight loss buddy, consider using our infrared sauna. It has enough room for six people and promotes faster weight loss so you can both immerse yourself in its relaxing and health-boosting rays.

Find a diet you feel comfortable with

If you’ve already tried one or more diets in the past, try focusing on whichever one made you feel the most comfortable. While some people love the freedom that comes with points-based or calorie-counting plans, others prefer to have a strict meal plan created for them. If you’re aware of your preferences, focusing your diet efforts accordingly means you’re less likely to fall off the wagon.

Try non-surgical fat removal techniques

While there was once a time when fat removal meant undergoing invasive surgery, today you can experience the same benefits without going under the knife. At Atlas Bodyworks, we complement our body scan technologies with non-surgical fat removal. For example, you could come to us for Cryoskin, which involves using a handheld device to melt away the fatty cells beneath your skin’s surface.

Alternatively, you can try our Formostar intense infrared heat wrap. Under the gentle care of a member of the Atlas Bodyworks team, you’ll benefit from a body wrap that exposes you to safe infrared lasers. These lasers break down the fat cells beneath the skin’s surface, which your body then eliminates.

At Atlas Bodyworks, we want to make your summer weight loss plan convenient and easy. By starting with our body scan and using tools such as our Cryoskin machine along the way, you can lose weight faster than usual. Such technologies assist stable fitness and diet plans, allowing you to give your body the treatment it deserves - and you get to see the results you want.

To book a body scan with us or to discuss our weight loss treatments, call 703-560-1122.

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