Your Introduction to Body Shaping Treatments

February 18, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Atlas Bodyworks

When it comes to changing the way you look, losing weight is an excellent place to start. Not only does it benefit your image, but it’ll also have an amazing effect on your self-esteem and long-term health. At Atlas Bodyworks, we provide body shaping treatments to people throughout the Fairfax, Virginia area. If you’re trying to lose weight and you want to enhance your shape at the same time, it’s worth learning more about the services we offer.

Blast away cellulite with Endermologie

The majority of women will encounter cellulite at some stage in their lives and some men do too. Although weight loss can make it look less apparent, you may find that you struggle to eliminate the dimpled look.

With the use of Endermologie, it’s possible to drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite. This body shaping treatment involves using a handheld device to manipulate the adipose tissue beneath the skin. With a 30-minute session, you can fire up your cells’ metabolism to make cellulite less apparent. You may find that you need multiple sessions to see the full benefits, but the results are astounding.

Melt away fat using Cryoskin

As a non-invasive body shaping treatment that originated in Paris, Cryoskin can complement your weight loss efforts. Using the application of hot and cold technologies, it encourages fat cells to melt away. This leads to cellulite looking less obvious, a slimmer physique, and enhanced toning. When you’re trying your best to achieve a toned body, Cryoskin can produce enviable results.

Speed up weight loss with an infrared sauna

If you’ve always dreamed of the chance to lose weight while doing nothing, now’s your chance. When you make regular visits to our Sunlight Infrared Sauna, you can lose weight and reduce your waist circumference over a six-month period. Our sauna can hold up to six people, which means it’s an excellent setting for accelerating your weight loss with your friends.

Speed up weight loss the natural way with Poly-LED light therapy

Wanting to speed up weight loss often makes people consider choosing drastic dieting regimes or diet pills. Unfortunately, such measures can have an ill effect on your body and they may not be sustainable in the long-term. Using Poly-LED light therapy, you can enjoy a body shaping treatment that’s safe for almost everyone to use. When used alongside an exercise routine, Poly-LED light therapy results in greater weight loss than when you focus on exercising alone.

Using a contouring wrap for instant body shaping results

Many of our clients in northern Virginia come to us because they want quick weight loss results for an event that’s on the horizon. If you’re one of them, why not book one of our M’Lis contouring wraps? Using a combination of heat, wraps, and creams, we can induce the enhanced lymphatic flow that will leave you looking and feeling slimmer by the end of your appointment. Our M’Lis contouring wraps are also excellent for detoxing, which means they’re a great addition to any new health and wellness plan.

Boost your metabolism using Formostar

If you dream of giving your metabolism a kick start so your weight loss doesn’t feel so sluggish, arrange to use our Formostar therapy. Formostar is an intense infrared body wrap that tackles areas such as your hips and waist. In addition to producing short-term weight loss results, it enhances your metabolism for the future, which then makes your everyday body shaping efforts more effective.

At Atlas Bodyworks, we’re here to help people throughout the Fairfax area lose weight. If you want to learn more about what we do or if you want to arrange a consultation for one of our treatments, call 703-560-1122.

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