club atlas monthly membership program at atlas bodyworks

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4 treatments per month

Choose from the following

20 Minute Ballancer
Pro Treatment
$75 value

Custom Airbrush
Spray Tan
$55 value

Styku 3D
Body Scan
$60 value


Poly LED
Therapy Session

Sauna Session
$49 value

Targeted Facial
Endermologie Session
$40 value

Bringing Results and Value to Clients

It's no good holding the key to better health, well-being and a firmer body if only the elite can afford access. We want to make an impact in everyone’s lives, so we created Club Atlas, where members pay a low monthly fee and get more than double their money’s worth in services.

Club Atlas is just one way in which we maintain our high-end suite of services while making them accessible to everyone. As part of Club Atlas, clients receive a 3-D body scan every month so they can keep an eye on their body’s overall performance and work with us to maximize their efforts. Members also get to choose which included treatment suits them best on any given month:

  •     1 40 minute Ballancer Pro treatment.

  •     1 LPG Endermologie facial

  •     2 infrared sauna sessions

  •     2 Infinity Sun spray tans

As well as discounts on all additional treatments. 10% off all additional treatments and products. *Club Atlas memberships are a for a minimum of 6 months