A quick guide to picking the right treatment

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    Inch Loss

    We focus on the most effective non surgical treatments:

    • Venus Legacy- Highly effective. Heat both damages fat cells (inch loss) and increases collagen production (skin tightening) Body 8-10 sessions. Face 6-8 sessions. Feels like a hot stone massage.
    • Endermologie- Most effective treatment for those looking for whole body improvements. Most clients need 10-15 treatments over 30-60 days. Feels like a deep tissue massage.
    • Ballancer pro / M'lis body wrap- Most will see results after first session. Best results come from a series of treatments. Individual treatment results typically last 3-5 days.
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    Relax, Repair and Recover

    These spa and medical inspired treatments really get the job done:

    • Sunlighten infrared sauna- With 6 built-in programs, your body will love you for indulging in this treatment. Benefits include; detox, improved skin health, reduce blood pressure and pain, while also boosting your immune system and metabolism.
    • Ballancer Pro- Post op (tummy tuck, lipo) and post workout recovery. With customized settings you get what you need from this incredible machine.
    • Poly Pro LED light therapy- Red and near infrared light help relax tight muscles, recharge the mitochondria (cell energy source) and reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

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    There are many ways to detox. Our detox treatments help your body achieve more.

    • Sunlighten infrared sauna- Your body will detox upto 7x's faster than it can on it's own. Bypassing the normal detox organs it helps to reduce the toxic load your body is coping with.
    • Ballancer Pro- Reduce inflammation and help your body remove extra fluid with the ultimate lymphatic drainage treatment.
    • M'lis Body wrap- Your body will soak up the deeply moisturizing benefits of this body wrap. Pair it with a Venus or LPG facial or LED light session for the full spa experience.

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