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Real People. Real Results.

At Atlas Bodyworks, we're dedicated to helping you look and feel better. Your weight loss journey is unique to your body and your goals. People struggling to get the results they want with traditional methods may not be aware of all the resources available for weight loss. Most people think the only technological intervention for fat loss is surgery. Understandably, that’s a drastic step that inspires apprehensions in many people.

However, there’s an alternative to diet and exercise frustration or the discomfort and expense from major surgery. Instead, you can take advantage of the non-invasive fat loss techniques offered by Atlas Bodyworks.

We use the industry’s latest technology to provide safe, effective fat loss treatment, all without the expense, discomfort, and downtime of surgery. Here are three reasons these non-invasive fat loss services are just as effective as dieting, exercise, or body-shaping surgery.

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body shaping services
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Inch Loss

We focus on the most effective non surgical treatments:

Venus Legacy - Highly effective. Heat both damages fat cells (inch loss) and increases collagen production (skin tightening) Body 8-10 sessions. Face 6-8 sessions. Feels like a hot stone massage.
Endermologie - Most effective treatment for those looking for whole body improvements. Most clients need 10-15 treatments over 30-60 days. Feels like a deep tissue massage.
Ballancer pro / M'lis body wrap - Most will see results after first session. Best results come from a series of treatments. Individual treatment results typically last 3-5 days.

Repair and Recover

These medspa inspired treatments get the job done:

Sunlighten infrared sauna- With 6 built-in programs, your body will love you for indulging in this treatment. Benefits include; detox, improved skin health, reduce blood pressure and pain, while also boosting your immune system and metabolism.
Ballancer Pro- Post op (tummy tuck, lipo) and post workout recovery. With customized settings you get what you need from this incredible machine.
Poly Pro LED light therapy- Red and near infrared light help relax tight muscles, recharge the mitochondria (cell energy source) and reduce fine lines & wrinkles.


Our detox treatments help your body achieve more.

Sunlighten infrared sauna- Your body will detox upto 7x's faster than it can on it's own. Bypassing the normal detox organs it helps to reduce the toxic load your body is coping with.
Ballancer Pro- Reduce inflammation and help your body remove extra fluid with the ultimate lymphatic drainage treatment.
M'lis Body wrap- Your body will soak up the deeply moisturizing benefits of this body wrap. Pair it with a Venus or LPG facial or LED light session for the full spa experience.

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