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infrared sauna service provider fairfax va

Sunlighten Full Spectrum Sauna

Our Sunlighten mPulse 6 person infrared sauna at Fairfax, VA wellness center has to be experienced to be believed. Not only does it deliver Near, Mid and Far infrared. It is able to custom blend the 3 types of infrared to provide the most effective sauna session to help you reach your goals.


Use our Full Spectrum Sauna to improve fat loss

If you love to hit the gym, you're probably already familiar with saunas. They're a great way to relax when your workout ends and they can help to soothe your aching muscles.

At Atlas Bodyworks, we like to take the benefits of using a sauna one step further. Our Full Spectrum Sauna uses infrared lights from across the spectrum to accelerate your weight loss efforts. As a form of non-invasive fat loss, it gently elevates your core temperature. A mildly elevated core temperature can result in you burning more calories.

There's enough space in our Full Spectrum Sauna for up to three people. Because of this, you can bring a friend along with you so you can both enjoy a body transformation.

At Atlas Bodyworks, we help our clients take a holistic approach to weight loss. If you're searching for something that will complement your current steady weight loss plan, you can visit our infrared sauna. It has enough space for up to six people, making it easier for you to accelerate your weight loss with your friends.

Sunlighten Full Spectrum Sauna

Great for relaxation, our Sunlighten Full Spectrum Sauna has enough room for six people and uses infrared technology to accelerate weight loss among those who are participating in a healthy eating and exercise plan.

Our infrared saunas come with all the usual benefits that saunas convey. They help you sweat and shed toxins, which in turn can also improve your skin. By adding infrared to the mix, we're also ensuring that you raise your metabolic weight and experience weight loss. As there's enough room in our infrared saunas for six people, consider bringing a friend along so that you can start your weight loss journey the right way.

Speed up weight loss with an infrared sauna

If you’ve always dreamed of the chance to lose weight while doing nothing, now’s your chance. When you make regular visits to our Sunlight Infrared Sauna, you can lose weight and reduce your waist circumference over a six-month period. Our sauna can hold up to six people, which means it’s an excellent setting for accelerating your weight loss with your friends.

We’re here to answer questions about our services or use our easy online booking to schedule your Infrared Sauna treatment. Give our team a call today at 703-560-1122 or send a message using our online contact form.

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