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    Intelligently stimulated, your skin and figure are able to undergo incredible transformations. ​ With 30 years of expertise and scientific research, LPG created endermologie®: the only non-invasive mechanical skin stimulation technique that naturally reactivates cells' metabolism.

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    Venus Legacy delivers outstanding skin tightening and targeted fat distruction results

    •  Powered by Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields
    • Enhanced by VariPulse™ technology with adjustable pulsed suction
    • Technology is safe and comfortable for all skin types with no downtime
    • Can be used as a complementary treatment after any fat reduction or weight loss treatment plan

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    Ballancer Pro

    The Ballancer Pro is the only lymphatic drainage treatment to offer exact treatment times and precisely calibrated choice of pressure. Making it the perfect treatment to meet a wide variety of clinical, aesthetic and athletic recovery needs.

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    Our Sunlighten mPulse 6 person sauna has to be experienced to be believed. Not only does it deliver Near, Mid and Far infrared. It is able to custom blend the 3 types of infrared to provide the most effective sauna session to help you reach your goals.

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    POLY utilizes multiple wavelengths of light to provide a wide variety of aesthetic and wellness treatment options. Between its 5-Panel FLEX designed head – which offers more articulation than any system on the market, and its interchangeable monochromatic and combination therapy heads, POLY is meant for everyone. In fact, we named POLY exactly for that reason. Derived from the word ‘many’, POLY is built for many people, to treat many conditions, in many different ways. With POLY, the newest face in light therapy, you will see beauty in a new light. 

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    Getting scanned is easy and harmless. Using infrared light , you will stand on a rotating platform for 30 seconds while a 3D camera captures millions of data points.

    Styku Phoenix provides DEXA-quality body composition with medical grade accuracy and consistency at an affordable price and in a non-invasive experience. Using the latest AI technology, Phoenix can predict your fat mass, bone mass, lean muscle mass, visceral fat, and more.

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    Since inception in 2005, Infinity Sun has become known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ or ‘Apple’ of the Sunless Tanning industry. Known for delivering technology that is Best-in-Class, Infinity Sun launched the first and only “plug & spray” technology designed to be the most efficient of systems, taking the guesswork out of airbrush tanning.

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    Originally formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients struggling with inhibited circulation related to diabetes and other chronic diseases, medical professionals found this technique ideal for detoxification and increased circulation in both the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Research revealed that this increased circulation was also cleansing the tissues, resulting in remarkable and healthy inch loss!