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    Let the stress of everyday life melt away while we train your body to perform better with our Sunlighten Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

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    Body Shaping

    Are you looking to lose a few inches? Or maybe tone and tighten up? With a little help from our body boosting treatments you will achieve the results you are looking for

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    Introducing Styku, a revolutionary 3D body scanner. Styku creates an exact 3D model then extracts hundreds of precise body measurements in seconds.

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    Finishing Touches

    Indulge in a M'lis contouring wrap or one of our custom airbrush services from Infinity Sun to enhance your natural beauty. Naturally reactivate cells' metabolism with Endermologie.

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Atlas Bodyworks is a unique sanctuary for wellness. I started going to AB over a year ago specifically for the infrared sauna.  Over time, I fell in love with center and the people behind it.  Robert, the owner and primary service provider, always puts the client first. He, takes the time to genuinely understand each individuals' short and long term wellness goals.   In a zero pressure approach, he provides you with  an actionable plan that can then be executed through the Atlas Bodyworks' customized menu of  services and tools : infrared sauna, endermology, weight loss and exercise plans,(and many other services and products that support the 360 degree wellness of you.). if you are looking for a high end spas experience, then this is not the place for you.  If you are ready to get  real about your personal wellness challenges and start feeling great about yourself immediately, then, Atlas Bodyworks is the only choice.

Liz C.

#1 in ethics
#1 in side effects free remedies
#1 keeping you healthy and regaining your health, from a stagnant lymph system to anti aging effects to weight loss to holistic healing from inflammatory diseases.

You are in good hands and get the highest value per dollar. When I started coming here a was in a level 8/9 neurological pain and suffering from horrific eczema. My skin had fallen off, my lymph fluid was coming out of my skin, and I had bleeding wounds. I was also recovering from toxic mold poisoning.

I am now in much less pain, my skin has closed, and my depression from my pain levels is gone. Robert, the owner, is WONDERFUL. He will do everything possible as your health aesthetician and coach. He is not a greedy salesman, but rather a caring human being that is passionate about serving YOUR needs and health concerns.

He has very decent pricing promos designed to save you money and get your well, and he has a wonderful personality and knowledge base.

Chana F.

I am the definition of skeptical when it comes to things like this but this place is the real deal. I started seeing Robert 4 years ago and absolutely love the infrared sauna. I always feel I've completely detoxed my body and lost any excess bloating. The infrared has so many benefits from weight loss, boosting your metabolism, to making your skin glow. Robert is incredibly knowledgeable and a total professional. Telling him your goals ahead of time will significantly increase your timeline and efficiency. You will not be disappointed and I guarantee you walk out feeling like a million bucks (and a few inches smaller).

Steph C.
Steph C.

Robert is so incredibly professional for starters! I wouldn't change a thing about any of my interactions with him! His office is always clean and he will always try to work me in for an appointment! Also, there is free parking at his office! 

Most importantly, my body looks SO much better after my appointments with him!!! I've gone through 10 endermologie sessions and 6 or so of the heated body wraps, which are by the way, a slice of heaven. Granted these treatments aren't inexpensive..... But they are worth every penny in my opinion. When you can see changes in your body and feel better about yourself it just makes the world have a bit of a rosier glow. 

Also to note, I wanted to see if doing just his treatments would result in positive change. I didn't change my diet AT all and I didn't work out. I got fantastic results..... Dramatic inch loss that has lasted for a couple of months now and it continues to look better and better, tighter skin, decreased appearance of cellulite......   

If you can afford it..... Just go!!!!

Laura D.

I can't say it enough: Robert is amazing! I met Robert last year! I was heading to the Caribbean to see family and I wanted to look my best! We only had a 1 1/2 month to tackle my unwanted rolls! We made a plan and I followed it! I had a few sessions of endermology, thermo wraps, and M'lis! I looked amazing! I'm so grateful to Robert for his patience, dedication, and motivating words!

Ana C.

I came to Robert one week prior to vacation to Florida to feel my best. I realized I only had a week and that little could be done in such a short period of time. But I want to do what I could to be confident. I followed Robert’s advice of a cocktail of skinade and treatments/sauna four times during that week and was very pleased with the results! I lost stubborn pounds that never go away and feel great. My skin is clear and I leave a happy woman! If you want to feel and look your best - this is the place to go! The cost is worth the investment in self without the risks of surgery and starvation

Jen B.
Jen B.

I love this place so much that I am compelled to write a second review. When I first started back in April, I was unsure of what direction to take. I knew I wanted to be healthy and feel better but outside of that, I just wasn't sure. Robert is a rare find as he takes the time to find out your goals and then provide recommendation on how to best achieve the goals. I am a firm believer of the M'Lis products. I have done the body wrap and it's amazing at just how quickly you can see the difference. The M'Lis wrap is very different from the Infrared body wrap which I have to say is my favorite. Basically the Formostar Infrared body wraps train your body to do what it is supposed to. It's probably my favorite service at Atlas Bodyworks. The saunas are fantastic. Endermologie is life changing. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't go through it myself. I am a lifetime customer to Atlas Bodyworks. For me, nothing compares with the service and the services provided. Thanks Robert and Atlas Bodyworks.

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Shaima S.

I've been going to Atlas Bodyworks for a couple of months now - it's amazing!  Go see Robert!  He is awesome!  Knowledgable, professional, respectful, helpful, and so forth... Words cannot describe how awesome you feel when you leave.

Janet C.
Exceptional customer service and professionalism! They work with you to design a program suitable for your needs to maximize results and your time!
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Petra Wesley
Best place to lose a couple of inches for an event. Or even to get healthier. Robert is dedicated to help you in every way possible.
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