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Body Shaping and Aesthetic Wellness


It’s not uncommon to have stubborn fat around your midsection, thighs or on your arms that you just won’t go away. Perhaps you’ve tried spending more time doing cardio at the gym, eating fewer carbs, eating more vegetables, or lifting more weights with no new results. Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to get rid of it than punishing yourself at the gym and in the kitchen. At Atlas Bodyworks, we offer body shaping services, including Endermologie Cellulite Treatment, LipoMax Muscle Sculpting, and Venus Legacy Skin Tightening & Toning and EndoLuxx Pro, that have all shown to be safe and effective at eliminating stubborn fat cells and tightening up your skin and body.


Our goal is to provide our clients with the best and most effective tools to improve their overall wellness. We aim to be a place to leave the stresses of life at the door and provide a completely rejuvenating body shaping and wellness experience. Our treatments are carefully chosen to improve the whole body and address a multitude of concerns. We are proud to serve Merrifield, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, McLean, Tysons, Burke, Chantilly, Reston, Ashburn and surrounding areas.




Endermologie is a non-invasive, painless process, which makes it appealing compared to other procedures for the tightening and toning of cellulite. We use Endermologie® by LPG and sessions that last around 35 minutes for a head-to-toe treatment to improve your skin’s condition.

Most clients describe the feeling as being similar to a deep massage. There’s no downtime and no breaking of the skin as there is with liposuction. Endermologie fits into an afternoon of errands and leaves you relaxed and refreshed.

Our Fairfax, VA, Endermologie provides the benefits of multiple massage techniques for the whole body in one relaxing treatment, saving you time, money and providing outstanding results. Endermologie is a fantastic treatment to naturally restore the youthful tone and tightness to the body and face.

endermologie service provider in fairfax va
endermologie service provider in fairfax va


atlas bodyworks body sculpting
LipoMax Sculpt


How long would it take you to do 20,000 sit ups or squats? Would you like to knock them out over your lunch break and return to work with no residual muscle soreness? LipoMax Sculpt in Fairfax, VA, provides the equivalent deep muscle activation, in just 30 minutes, as weeks in the gym. Treatment areas include: abs, glutes, arms and thighs. The LipoMax Sculpt treatment has incredible reshaping potential when paired with Venus Legacy.


Zemits EndoLuxx Pro

The Zemits EndoLuxx PRO is the newest advanced holistic body contouring and skin tightening endo-massage machine.

The EndoLuxx PRO technology uses high-speed rotation of medical-grade rollers of various shapes and density. This safe thus effective holistic massage performs drastic skin stimulation and energizing on all skin layers. The superficial effect of the rollers application engages friction with the epidermal skin layers, and enhances oxygenated blood supply from the dermal skin layer. The comfortable pressure applied with rotating spheres together with improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow allows deeper tissue massage of the hypodermal fatty layer, thus decreasing the cellulite appearance, and improving muscle tone and body contouring.

endoluxx cellulite treatment
EndoLuxx Pro


Adriene D.

Atlas Body Works is great and Robert (the owner) is awesome! I love going there. Robert has the business and booking very organized making it really easy to book appointments online--which is a big deal to me because I have a really busy life. He's easy to talk to and very friendly. I also love his approach to doing business. His approach is very honest and ethical, which you don't always find in the spa world. I highly recommend him for body work. I actually did the 3D scan too, and was surprised how much I actually learned from that. It's not something I really thought I needed, but it turns out it was very informative and eye-opening. Highly recommend! Thanks Robert!!!!

Jennifer K.

I never write reviews, but what makes Atlas so amazing, aside from their services, is the owner Robert. He goes above and beyond with customer service, and has a lot of knowledge within this industry. I saw a review that was spot on about his passion. You can tell he’s not in it for the sole purpose to make money.  He has a true passion to help his clients and because this is his WHY, up selling isn’t even in his nature. No matter the industry, most businesses try to sell unnecessary things and or tell you what you want to hear. It’s why I don’t have a ton of loyalty and prefer going with convenience. Atlas Bodyworks has changed that for me and even though it’s a little further I will forever be loyal. That says a lot when the infrared sauna is ongoing and I should be using it daily if not every other day. It’s that amazing and so good for your mind and body.

Siena K.

I'm naturally a skeptic when seeking services I've never gotten before, but WOW. This was entirely worth it. The reason I went to Atlas was to try a lymphatic drainage treatment (Ballancer Pro) to help with my Lyme disease detox. Can I say that Robert knows more about Lyme disease than the average MD, in my own opinion? He knew exactly what I needed and what would help me, and offered to help me create a plan to aid in my detox and symptom management. Robert is incredibly knowledgeable, and you can tell by speaking with him that he is NOT in the med-spa/wellness industry for money -- he's in it because he's actually passionate about it and wants to help people better themselves. He's had personal experiences that have inspired him to help others, and he's awesome at what he does.


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skinade service provider fairfax va

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