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3 Endermologie benefits you should know before treatment

Updated: May 17, 2022

Cellulite is one thing no one wants on their skin. These fatty deposits make skin look saggy and aged, mainly targeting the thighs, hips, buttocks, and belly. There are plenty of reasons you may be developing cellulite on your skin, including anything from aging to genetics, hormonal processes, and habitual dietary choices. The important thing, though, is that there’s something you can do about it.

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3 Endermologie benefits you should know before treatment

Endermologie offers an FDA-approved, non-invasive solution to cellulite which helps remove excess fat underneath your skin, a common factor contributing to cellulite. Unlike with a procedure like liposuction, Endermologie doesn’t tackle the actual fat layer beneath your skin. Instead, it targets deposits just beneath the outermost layer of your skin.

There are plenty of Endermologie benefits you should know about before scheduling the procedure, including aesthetic benefits and physical health improvements. Read more about them in this blog post.

Firmer skin

The most obvious benefit of an Endermologie treatment is what it can do for the elasticity of your skin.

As you age or accumulate more substantial collections of fat on your body, your skin begins to sag more easily over time. This can also translate into a wrinkled appearance on certain parts of your body. Endermologie treatments curb this issue by targeting those collections of fat and returning a greater level of elasticity to your skin.

One particular example of where this can be helpful is on your face. As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post about our Endermologie facials, the lines of your face, your eyelids, and the area around your mouth may begin to droop as you age. Endermologie can help reverse that process and make the skin on your face more firm.

Youthful complexion

An additional benefit that goes hand-in-hand with improved skin elasticity is a return to a more youthful appearance. Sagging and wrinkles are a significant part of the visible signs of aging, and Endermologie treatments are a fairly direct way of reversing them.

You may also find, though, that your skin is becoming dry and dull in various places, making it a less appealing part of your physical appearance to present openly. Endermologie can help here, too, rejuvenating and oxygenating your skin to create a glowing complexion that may visually de-age you.

Improved circulation

Endermologie involves a process of massaging micro pulses that introduce a number of practical benefits beyond your outward visual appearance, though these benefits may also help in that regard, too.

When you undergo this process, parts of your body where you may be experiencing issues and physical pains may feel some degree of relief. That’s because circulation in these areas is being improved as a direct result of the procedure. Specifically, you may experience noticeable benefits in terms of improved fluid retention, reduced inflammation, and improved skin filtration.

When will these benefits become noticeable?

Generally, most recipients will notice improvements by their third session, but the full extent of the benefits listed here will only be fully realized by the end of your treatment plan. The exact number of sessions involved in your treatment plan may vary based on your individual circumstances, but your results could last for as long as six months.

Schedule an Endermologie treatment with Atlas Bodyworks now!

These Endermologie benefits can help many women in significant ways. Aside from sticking with it for the full duration of your treatment plan, your best bet for seeing the best results is to schedule your Endermologie treatment with a trusted, reliable provider like Atlas Bodyworks.

You can contact us with any questions you may have about Endermologie or book your treatment with us online to get started. Regular clients can also join Club Atlas to save on regular treatments, receive a free 3D body scan every 30 days, and reduce retail purchase prices by 10 percent. Talk to our client service experts today to learn more.

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