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How Can I Tell if I Need An Endermologie Facial?

Updated: May 17, 2022

You already know that exercising your body helps to keep your muscles toned and youthful. It’s not as easy to exercise the skin of your face to maintain elasticity and vitality. That’s where endermologie facials can help. As a mechanical process, it’s non-invasive and built upon concepts you already use to support your whole body health. The benefits aren’t miraculous, but the result of science-supported technology.

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How Can I Tell if I Need An Endermologie Facial?

Get visibly smoother skin.

Your skin begins to lose elasticity as early as 25. You may notice sagging around your eyes and mouth and the appearance of fine lines. By using micro pulses, endermologie reactivates collagen and elastin production for improved volume and elasticity.

See a clearer complexion after one treatment.

Even the small things we encounter in our daily life can add up to blemishes and dull skin. We wear pollution, stress, alcohol, and tobacco consumption on our faces. During your facial, your skin gets exfoliated and oxygenated, clearing away months of toxin buildup.

Achieve firmer, more youthful skin.

The natural course of aging softens the contour of the face, deepening fine lines and increasing drooping of the eyelids and around the mouth. The mechanical micro pulses of endermologie are like an intense gym workout for your face. Your skin resumes cellular production of the critical components for maintaining face elasticity and firmness.

Reduce your double chin, non-surgically.

A double chin can become your face’s defining feature but doesn’t always warrant an invasive surgical procedure to treat. Instead, you can use an endermologie facial to target the area around your chin to reduce fat deposits and recontour your jawline.

Schedule an appointment at Atlas Bodyworks for an endermologie facial and other non-invasive wellness procedures.

At Atlas Bodyworks, we believe in wellness. Our non-invasive services help your appearance reflect how you feel. From facials to lymphatic drainage and LED light therapy and spray tans, we’re invested in helping you feel like the best possible version of you. Our easy online booking makes it simple and stress-free for you to schedule wellness treatments that fit into your calendar.

We’re invested in your ongoing process of self-improvement, so we offer Club Atlas to regular clients. When you join, you access incredible savings on monthly procedures, including a free 3D body scan every thirty days and 10 percent off retail purchases. To find out more about club features, contact our client service experts today.

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