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The Benefits of Working with an Expert to Remove Cellulite on Your Thighs

Updated: May 17, 2022

It can be tough to remove cellulite on your thighs, especially for those with lighter, paler skin. That’s why working with an expert to help you get rid of stubborn cellulite can mean the difference between finally achieving your goal and treatments that just don’t work.

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The Benefits of Working with an Expert to Remove Cellulite on Your Thighs

Atlas Bodyworks helps Fairfax, VA locals treat and overcome persistent cellulite in their thighs to achieve their ideal bodies without painful, expensive, and invasive procedures.

We’re proud to offer these services, as well as pair them with our team of experts to deliver pain-free, affordable, and—most importantly—effective procedures.

Here’s how it works, and why Atlas Bodyworks’ services and expert guidance can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

How Atlas Bodyworks Helps Remove Your Cellulite

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of searching online to find out that there are seemingly countless bodyshaping services out there. But if you spend just a little more time digging, you’ll come across articles that point to many of these treatments’ ineffectiveness.

This is particularly true for so-called miracle treatments, promising unobtainable (or very misleading) results. Atlas Bodyworks' services are different.

We use a proven procedure called Endermologie® by LPG. Endermologie® remains the only FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure designed specifically to mitigate and remove its appearance.

The painless procedure was developed in France by Louis-Paul Guitay in the late ‘80s while attempting to develop a method of treating patients’ burns and loosening their scar tissue.

While searching for a solution, Guitay noticed that his attempts reduced cellulite’s appearance and improved the texture of his patients’ skin.

After his discovery, he helped Enermologie® reach people across the globe and has helped countless others become more comfortable with their appearance by naturally reactivating cells’ metabolism, offering unrivaled results that last after only a few sessions.

Why You Need an Expert to Benefit from Endermologie®

While the non-invasive procedure provides a painless experience, relying on our team's knowledge, application, and touch is the most appropriate and results-driven method available. When you choose us for your Endermologie® procedure, you’re placing your trust in our experienced team to deliver not only an effective method of reduction but a safe, proven method as well.

To achieve optimal results, your team member will speak with you so you know what to expect, so you can relax during your visit and have no surprises. One thing that we’re often asked, though, is why do patients wear a special bodysuit for their Endermologie® session? While the session is painless, the bodysuit prevents the specially designed massage tool from coming into direct contact with your skin and helps reduce any swelling that may occur.

Your specialist will pay close attention to you and your body’s response during your session and apply only the most appropriate pressure for the massage tool to work. They will gently pass the tool over your bodysuit, giving special attention to any areas you explicitly mention beforehand so you can rest assured you are receiving the best session for your unique needs.

This gentle pressure helps to tone your skin and break down stubborn cellulite that creates a lumpy appearance in your thighs—getting you on your way to a tighter, firmer body.

Trust Atlas Bodyworks’ Experts for your Bodyshaping Needs

No two bodies are the same, and our specialists know this. That’s why it’s important to rely on knowledgeable professionals for your needs: so you can rest assured you’re receiving the most appropriate and effective treatment.

Ready to get the body you’ve always wanted? Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment, or learn more about how your Club Atlas membership can get you on a plan for prolonged body beautification.

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